Andrei Mikhailovich Razmadze

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Razmadze, Andrei Mikhailovich


Born July 30 (Aug. 8), 1889, in the village of Chkhenishi, Georgian SSR; died Oct. 2, 1929, in Tbilisi. Soviet mathematician, specialist in the calculus of variations.

Razmadze graduated from Moscow University in 1910. He helped found the University of Tbilisi and was appointed a professor there in 1918. In 1914 he published a study containing the solution to a problem of the calculus of variations for curves one of whose end points is fixed and the other variable. In his doctoral dissertation, On Discontinuous Solutions in the Calculus of Variations (1925), he investigated problems of the calculus of variations for the case of discontinuous functions. Razmadze was the author of the first textbooks on mathematical analysis in the Georgian language: Introduction to Analysis (1920) and The Theory of Indefinite Integrals (1922). His work Periodic Solutions and Closed Extremals in the Calculus of Variations was published posthumously in 1934.

The Tbilisi Institute of Mathematics of the Georgian SSR is named after Razmadze.


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