Andrei Mitrofanovich Kizhevatov

Kizhevatov, Andrei Mitrofanovich


Born July 7 (20), 1907, in the village of Seliksa, now the village of Kizhevatovo, Penza Oblast; died July 1941 in Brest Fortress. Hero of the Soviet Union (May 6, 1965). Lieutenant. Became a member of CPSU in 1938. The son of a poor peasant.

Kizhevatov joined the Red Army in 1929, graduated from a school for junior commanders in 1930, and joined the frontier troops in 1932. Kizhevatov became commander of a frontier subunit of the Brest detachment in July 1940. In 1941 he led the heroic defense of the Terespol’ gates of the Brest Fortress, was twice wounded, and died in battle.