Andrei Nikolaevich Krasnov

Krasnov, Andrei Nikolaevich


Born Oct. 27 (Nov. 8), 1862, in St. Petersburg, died Dec. 19, 1914 (Jan. 1, 1915), in Tbilisi. Russian botanist and geographer.

Krasnov, who graduated from the University of St. Petersburg in 1885, was a professor at the University of Kharkov from 1889 to 1911. He participated in botanical expeditions to the Altai, Tien-Shan, the Caucasus, North America, Japan, China, Java, India, Ceylon, and the Mediterranean. Krasnov’s principal works are on the history and present-day vegetation of Middle Asia, of the steppes of the northern hemisphere, and of the subtropical tea-growing regions of Asia. He was one of the pioneers of Russian subtropical farming, particularly the cultivation of tea and citrus crops in the Caucasus. Krasnov is buried in the Batumi Botanical Garden, which he founded in 1912.


Geografiia rastenii. Kharkov, 1899.


Beilin, I. G., and V. A. Parnes. Andrei Nikolaevich Krasnov. Moscow, 1968. (List of works.)
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