Andrei Novodvorskii

Novodvorskii, Andrei Osipovich


(pen name, A. Osipovich). Born 1853 in Lipovets District, Kiev Province, present-day Lipovets Raion, Vinnitsa Oblast; died Apr. 2 (14), 1882, in Nice. Russian writer.

Novodvorskii attended the University of Kiev, but was compelled to discontinue his studies because of extreme financial need. His first work, the novella Episode From Neither a Peahen’s Nor a Crow’s Life (1877), was published in the journal Otechest-vennye zapiski (Fatherland Notes), to which he became a contributor. The ideas of N. G. Chernyshevskii and the satirical works of N. V. Gogol and, especially, M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, greatly influenced Novodvorskii. In his short stories “Auntie” (1880) and “The Career” (1880) and his novellas Love Affair (1881) and Souvenir (1881), Novodvorskii sought to create positive heroes from the era of revolutionary Narodnichestvo (Populism).


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