Andrei Petrov

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Petrov, Andrei Nikolaevich


Born 1837; died Nov. 9 (22), 1900, in St. Petersburg. Russian military historian, lieutenant general (1898).

Petrov graduated from the Pavel Cadet Corps in 1853 and the Academy of the General Staff in 1859. He served on the General Staff and in 1867 became assistant chief of the Military Science Archives. From 1872 to 1898, Petrov served as librarian of the General Staff, and in 1885 he became a member of the Military Science Committee. Petrov wrote many works on military history, for the most part dealing with the history of the Russo-Turkish wars. His works contain an abundant amount of factual material.


Voina Rossii s Turtsiei i pol’skimi konfederatami, s 1769 po 1774 gg., vols. 1-5. St. Petersburg, 1866-74.
Vtoraia Turetskaia voina v tsarstvovanie imp. Ekateriny II, 1787-1791, vols. 1-2. St. Petersburg, 1880.
Voina Rossii s Turtsiei, 1806-1812 gg., vols. 1-3. St. Petersburg, 1885-87.
Voina Rossii s Turtsiei: Dunaiskaia kampaniia 1853 i 1854 gg., vols. 1-2.
St. Petersburg, 1890. Vliianie turetskikh voin s poloviny proshlogo stoletiia na razvitie russkogo voennogo iskusstva, vols. 1-2. St. Petersburg, 1893-94.
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