Andrei Popov

Popov, Andrei Aleksandrovich


Born Sept. 22 (Oct. 4), 1821; died Mar. 6 (18), 1898, in St. Petersburg. Russian naval figure, shipbuilder, adjutant general, admiral (1891).

Popov graduated from the Naval Cadet School and served in the Black Sea Fleet from 1838. In the Crimean War of 1853–56, while commanding the steamship Taman’, he destroyed six Turkish merchant vessels, broke through the blockade of Sevastopol’, and made his way to Odessa and back. During the defense of Sevastopol’ he directed the installation of naval guns on fortifications and was in charge of artillery supply. He was chief of staff of the Kronstadt port from 1856 to 1858 and directed the construction of propeller clippers and corvettes in Arkhangel’sk. Popov commanded a ship detachment in the Pacific Ocean from 1858 to 1861. He was appointed a member of the Shipbuilding and Naval Science committees in 1861. From 1862 to 1864 he commanded a Pacific Ocean squadron, with which he made a visit to San Francisco during the US Civil War.

Popov became a member of the shipbuilding department of the Naval Technical Committee in 1870 and chairman of the department in 1880. He became a member of the Admiralty Council in 1876. Popov made a great contribution to the development of the Russian armored steamship fleet and directed the design and construction of monitors, armored cruisers, and armor-clads.

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"This is a weighty support for the entire system of secondary vocational education," said Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic Andrei Popov. In recent years, this is the largest infusion of funds under the program for the modernization of the material base of vocational education institutions.
"Big thanks to my coaches Jeff Brookes and Andrei Popov and to all the British Gymnastics staff and all my supporters - I hope I've put a smile on people's faces!" Purvis went into the Japanese event aware that his overall points total was already unassailable, so he used the competition to try out some new routines.
The Pakistan delegation also had separate meetings with Iurie Leanca, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the two Deputy Foreign Ministers Natalia Gherman and Andrei Popov.
The need for closer ties between Brussels and Minsk and the prospect of EU assistance to Belarus were the main reasons behind the decision, said Andrei Popov, spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.
But ministry spokesman Andrei Popov said Minsk had been "obliged to take measures to counter the economic damage to the Republic of Belarus from a shortage of important energy resources." He declined to elaborate.
A case in point is the chapter she devotes to the life and death of her friend Andrei Popov ("He's More of a Feminist Than Most Women I Know"), which fails to become the effective tribute she intended.
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Yakutia Andrei Popov announced preliminary number of participants - 316 people, of which 157 - young professionals, 4 - juniors, 137 - experts - compriototy, 18 - certified experts.
"I've benefited a lot from the time I spend at Lilleshall with national coach Andrei Popov.
According to Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the RS (Y) Andrei Popov, a course is taken for practical education, when students will spend most of their studies in production.
Special higher command ranks of Major General of internal service were awarded to: Head of the Emergency Ministrys Tomsk Region Directorate Mikhail Begun; Head of the Emergency Ministrys Orenburg Region Directorate Alexander Zenov; Deputy head of the Emergency Ministrys Krasnodar Territory Directorate (head of the Sochi Office) Andrei Popov; Head of the Emergency Ministrys Kamchatka Territory Roman Chursin.
Andrei Popov, the Deputy Head of the Krasnodar Territory Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry; Roman Chursin, the Head of the Kamchatka Territory Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.