Andrei Vilkitskii

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Vil’kitskii, Andrei Ippolitovich


Born July 1 (13), 1858, in Minsk Province; died Feb. 26 (Mar. 11), 1913, in St. Petersburg. Russian hydrographer and geodesist; lieutenant general. Graduated from the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg in 1880.

In 1887, Virkitskii undertook work to determine the acceleration of the force of gravity on Novaia Zemlia. From 1894 to 1901 (with interruptions), hydrographic work was carried out under his direction from the mouth of the Pechora to the Enisei River, as well as in the Enisei Gulf and Ob’ Bay. From 1907 until his death, Vil’kitskii directed the Central Hydro-graphic Administration. His work in ensuring the safety of navigation was of great importance for the navy (the establishment of a special corps of hydrographers, the publication of new maps, the construction of new beacons and signs, and so on). His publications included “Materials for the Study of Ob’ Bay and the Enisei Gulf,” which was printed mMorskoi sbornik (Naval Collection), Zapiski po gidrografii (Notes on Hydrography), and Zapiski Russkogo Geograficheskogo obshchestva (Notes of the Russian Geographical Society).

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