Andrés Bello

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Andrés Bello
BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela

Bello, Andres


Born Nov. 29, 1781, in Caracas; died Oct. 15, 1865, in Santiago, Chile. Venezuelan writer, philologist, and statesman.

From 1810 to 1829 Bello was the representative of Latin American republics in London, and beginning in 1829 he lived in Chile. Bello was the first rector of the university in Santiago (1842), and in 1855 he took part in drawing up the Chilean Civil Code. He is the author of A Grammar of the Castilian Language (1832) as well as translations of Vergil and Horace. Bello published his narrative poem An Address to Poetry in 1823, his Ode to the Agriculture of the Torrid Zone in 1826, and poems and translations from European romantics. An Enlightenment thinker in his philosophical views and a classicist in his style, Bello, by his interest in national color and folklore, anticipated romanticism in Latin American literature.


Obras completas. Caracas, 1951. (Edition expected to be in 20 volumes.)
In Russian translation:
“Sel’skomu khoziaistvu v tropicheskoi zone.” Soldaty svobody. Moscow, 1963.


Caldera, R. Andrés Bello, su vida, su obra, y su pensamiento. Buenos Aires, 1946.
A. Bello: 1865–1965. Santiago, 1966. (Contains bibliography, pp. 325–26.)


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