Andrews Air Force Base

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Andrews Air Force Base,

U.S. military installation, 4,279 acres (1,732 hectares), central Md., est. 1943. It is the chief military airport of Washington, D.C., as well as the headquarters for the air force's high-priority airlift command.
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Anthony Salvatore, 376th EOSS commander, who is deployed from Andrews AFB, Md.
The Air Force Historical Foundation will sponsor its biennial symposium on Thursday and Friday, November 17-18, 2011, on the theme Air Power and Global Operations: 9/11 and Beyond, at the Air Force Conference Center, Andrews AFB, MD.
Kurt Ponsor, a helicopter pilot with the 1st Helicopter Squadron, 316th Wing, Andrews AFB, Md.
A hail storm inflicted Class A damage on three C-130T Hercules of VR-53 and two C-37B Gulfstreams of VR-1 at Andrews AFB, Md.
The symposium will take place at the Air Force Conference Center, Andrews AFB, MD, and will feature panels of historians, analysts, and leaders who have directed air operations in this period.
Facility Design: passenger terminal canopy and force protection facility at Andrews AFB, Md.
Upon graduation a year later he was appointed deputy chief of the Air Weather Service at Andrews AFB, Md.
Colonel Mosier, an international healthcare specialist with the 459th Aeromedical Staging Squadron, Andrews AFB, Md.
I had flown a number of coupled approaches down to minimums, especially at Andrews AFB, Md.
CF-2 successfully completed the first F-35 public fly by at the Andrews AFB, Md.
The ANG Readiness Center is a field operating agency at Andrews AFB, Md.