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Denisov, Andrei Ivanovich


Born Oct. 13, 1906, in the small town of Ozerki, now in Tambov Oblast. Soviet scholar; specialist in the theory of the state and law; doctor of jurisprudence; professor (1945); Honored Worker in Science of the RSFSR (1967). Member of the CPSU since 1926.

In 1935, Denisov began teaching (at the Academy of Law, the Institute of the Red Professoriat, and elsewhere). In 1942 he became the chairman of the subdepartment of the theory of the state and law of the department of law at MGU (Moscow State University). He was chairman of the administrative board of the All-Union Society of Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries from 1948 to 1956 and chairman of the legal commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR from 1956 to 1962. He was a member of the chief editorial board of the second edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia and the editor in chief of the encyclopedic dictionary Labor Law (first and second editions).


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The statement added " we vehemently condemn the terrorist crimes which can't be justified." Deployment of Patriot Missiles along Turkish-Syrian Borders Creates More Problems rather than Solve Them Russian First Deputy Foreign Minister, Andrey Denisov, stressed that the deployment of Patriot missile systems at the Turkish-Syrian border would rather create more problems than solve them, as it implies hidden threats behind.
Russian First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrey Denisov ended on Tuesday a few-day visit to Yemen.
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Russia also maintained the primary role of the IAEA as the nuclear watchdog for the United Nations, saying it was primarily the agency's role to clarify and verify what Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Andrey Denisov called ''suspicions and intentions'' about Iran's nuclear program before the Security Council considers tougher actions on Iran, including possible sanctions.
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Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Andrey Denisov said at a press briefing Thursday that Moscow supports the selection of a new secretary general from Asia, in keeping with the informal geographic rotation system of selecting a leader for the 191-member body.