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Lavrov, Andrei Sergeevich


Born June 1 (13), 1886, in the village of Staroseslavino, in present-day Michurinsk Raion, Tambov Oblast; died Dec. 17, 1936, in Moscow. Soviet statesman. Became a member of the Communist Party in 1905. From the meshchane (the lower groups of the city population).

Lavrov began work in Moscow in 1899. In 1902 he took a job at the Putilov plant in St. Petersburg, and between 1906 and 1916 he worked in Tambov Province and in Siberia. In November 1917, Lavrov became the chairman of the Military Revolutionary Committee in Kozlov (now Michurinsk). Between 1918 and 1921 he served as chairman of the Kozlov district executive committee, deputy chairman of the Tambov provincial Cheka (Extraordinary Commission), and chairman of the Tambov provincial executive committee. He was a leader in the liquidation of the Antonov revolt. From 1922 to 1929, Lavrov held the post of chairman in the Novosibirsk and Riazan’ provincial executive committees and the Armavir okrug executive committee. Between 1929 and 1931 he was assistant people’s commissar for social security of the RSFSR. Between 1931 and 1935 he did important economic and soviet work in the Far East, the Ukraine, and the Northern Caucasus. In 1935 he became an administrator for the All-Russian Central Executive Committee. He was a member of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR.


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