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Ivo ('i:v%). 1892--1975, Serbian novelist; author of The Bridge on the Drina (1945): Nobel prize for literature 1961
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(15) The Not-Very-Bad Thesis also avoids certain more abstract concerns with the Neutrality Thesis, for example that it would be a remarkable coincidence that a wide variety of different functional limitations all end up having the same (non-)impact on well-being (Andric and Wundisch, "Is It Bad to Be Disabled?" 11-12).
Andric, Josef Brodsky, and Czeslaw Milosz, together with many other authors who were the epitomes of independent imagination.
"Ivo Andric's Response to Walt Whitman." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 33 (Summer 2015), 51-60.
The novel is written in the voice of young man, Jevrem Andric, the son of a Serb father and Croatian mother living in Sarajevo in 1992.
They are people of sound but straightforward intelligence, people of simplified and limited sensitivity and a cool heart, but not without heart or any sensitivity; capable of deception, but not closed and mysterious, still less underhand; strong, but not rough; quick and decisive, but not hasty or impulsive; realistic, sober but not dry and dull.--Ivo Andric
Jordan was nominated by her colleague, Oleg Andric, associate professor and department chair of Palm Beach State's Electrical Power Technology program.
Indeed, previous research and observations have shown that dry-snow aggregates tend to have [Z.sub.DR] values near 0-0.5 dB and CC values of 1 (e.g., Ryzhkov and Zrnic 1998; Andric et al.
Zalkalns' former landlord Rado Andric, 64, said: "He was a loner, he used to ride his bike around the park a lot.
Last night Zalkalns' former landlord Rado Andric, 64, said: "He is a loner, he used to ride his bike around the park a lot.
A neighbour, Radoslav Andric, told police said: "He had a plastic bag and was in a hurry."
PCBs have been shown to inhibit androgen production in vitro (in rats) and in vivo (Andric et al.
Purists consider slivovirz cocktails a form of sacrilege, but experimental mixes, like Rakia Bar's Galliano-infused Andric, are catching on.