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(in science fiction) a robot resembling a human being
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An operating system for smartphones and tablets from the Google-sponsored Open Handset Alliance. With myriad models to choose from, Android is the leading mobile platform with approximately 75% of the worldwide smartphone market. More devices with the Android are currently in operation than any other OS.

Android is a Linux OS, and apps are programmed in Java. Users download applications from Google's Play Store (formerly Android Market), the Amazon Appstore and other online sources (see Google Play and Amazon Appstore).

The first Android smartphone came out in 2008 and quickly became a major competitor to the iPhone due to its availability from multiple carriers and numerous handset manufacturers. In addition, Androids could multitask, whereas iPhones initially could not. By 2011, Android outsold every other smartphone. See Android market share.

Like Windows vs. Mac
Like Windows computers, Android hardware is made by many different manufacturers. Also like Windows, Android vendors can add their own set of apps and different interface features to their phones (see app launcher). In contrast, like the Mac, the iPhone, iPad and iPod are made only by Apple. They feature one interface, one set of apps and only a few current models. See iPhone vs. Android, how to select a mobile device, Open Handset Alliance, AOSP, Android fragmentation, mobile compatibility and mobile device vendor control.

The Google Phone
In 2005, Google acquired Android, Inc. and two years later unveiled smartphone specifications for third-party manufacturers. In 2010, Google began to offer "pure Android" versions, devoid of vendor add-ons (see Google Nexus and Pixel phone). When it acquired Motorola Mobility in 2012, Google became a phone manufacturer itself. However, in less than two years, Google sold the company to Lenovo while retaining numerous patents. See Android camera, Android rooting, Android laptop, Android antivirus program, Chromecast, Android TV, Galaxy S, HTC G1 and smartphone.

Early Models
After T-Mobile introduced the first Android phone in 2008, other carriers and vendors followed, eventually introducing more than a thousand models. See GSM and CDMA.

No Phones on These Androids
In 2009, the ARCHOS entertainment center (top) and Barnes & Noble e-book reader were some of the first Androids sans phone. Soon after, myriad Android tablets and devices were introduced. (Images courtesy of ARCHOS and

No Phones on These Androids
In 2009, the ARCHOS entertainment center (top) and Barnes & Noble e-book reader were some of the first Androids sans phone. Soon after, myriad Android tablets and devices were introduced. (Images courtesy of ARCHOS and
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To learn more about Ooredoo's high standard of quality care and cost-effective digital solutions, visit any of its 50 stores located across the length and breadth of the Sultanate or download the company's award-winning self-care application on Apple or Andriod.
ShopSavvy is compatible with iOS, Andriod and WP7 and does all the work for you by scanning barcodes of products and searching the web for the best deal. 
Before the release of the movie for the young generation Andriod and amp; IOS games will be launched in next 2 months.
At present in the automotive market, Google has Andriod Auto, which is not an operating system but a " casted" interface that runs on a smartphone and uses the in- dash car display as an external touchscreen monitor.
We develop a simple signal measurement application on andriod system for mobile phone MIUI 6, which is based on Android OS 4.4, and its CPU is Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC.
Boemo, "MiniFPGA: An educational app for teaching partitioning, placemnent and routing on Andriod devices," in Inproceedings of the 9th Southern Conference on Programmable Logic, SPL 2014, 2014.
He also directed the schools heads to purchase Andriod mobile phone out of PTC funds as those were required for installation of SOS facility.
The Meople.Connector app, available for iOS and Andriod devices, will be introduced to Ford's connectivity system SYNC AppLink to enable drivers to use voice-control to listen to messages from social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
He said special andriod mobile phone had been made available for monitoring of teams engaged in the campaign against dengue mosquito to upload data in graphics and text format on daily basis.
There are plans in place to create an app for iPhone and Andriod so people can order their coffee before they even reach the shop.
Sesame comes preloaded on a Google Nexus 5 smartphone and the creators say they plan to support other Andriod devices in the future, including a tablet.
Baidu has also released the "Baidu IME" input method in March 2011, a mobile program for Andriod in December 2012, and has begun to offer a Japanese keyboard service "Simeji." Meanwhile, Baidu has also provide advertising-related marketing business to Japanese corporations entering the China market based on the Baidu search engine.