Android Beam

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Android Beam

A data transfer function added to Android phones starting with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Using near field communication (NFC), Android Beam lets users copy data from one Android device to another when both are brought into physical contact with each other.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Are Much Faster
NFC is fine for transmitting contacts, links and other text but too slow for copying a photo or video file. Starting with Android 4.1, Android Beam establishes the connection via NFC; then turns Bluetooth on and pairs the phones; completes the transfer via Bluetooth (30 times faster than NFC) and turns Bluetooth off.

S Beam is Samsung's version for its own products. With S Beam, the NFC connection switches to Wi-Fi Direct for transfer up to 400 times faster than NFC. See NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.

Just Hold Them Together
When two Beam phones are placed next to each other, the screen content of one is copied to the other. Android Beam and NFC functions must be turned on in both devices.
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Glu's Gun Bros Multiplayer now offers Google's Android Beam technology on Ice Cream Sandwich devices.
With Android Beam, mobile multiplayer has never been easier.
Features like Android Beam and Face Unlock show the innovative work our team is doing, and GALAXY Nexus showcases the power behind Ice Cream Sandwich," said Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile for Google.
Using NFC technology, Android Beam allows you to quickly share web pages, apps, and YouTube[TM] videos with your friends by simply tapping your phones together.
2 includes a host of new features including photo sphere (take snaps in every direction and share them on Google+), Gesture Typing (enables users to glide fingers over the letters they want to type and supports predictive text input), enhanced Google Now, Google Search, Daydream, Android Beam and new improved notifications interface.
During the performance, the women simply tapped their phones together in order to transfer the song from one handset to another; similarly to how the Near Field Communication powered Android Beam feature that was introduced on Android 4.
The key features of the OS include Gesture Typing, Photo Sphere, Daydream, enhanced Google Now, Google Search and Android Beam.
Other noteworthy features include Daydream, enhanced Google Now, Google Search and Android Beam.
1 brings an array of stated improvements, such as revamped User Interface (UI), a better notifications system and home screen management, an improved voice search, text input with offline voice typing, camera and enhanced Android Beam app.
Among other notable features, the phone supports Samsung's version of Android Beam known as "S Beam" that enables sharing of 1GB movie file in three minutes and 10MB music file in just two seconds by touching the phone with another Galaxy S3 even without Wi-Fi or 3G signal.