Google TV

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Google TV

(1) A movie download service from the Google Play store. Google TV movies can be viewed on a Web browser and mobile devices. See Google Play.

(2) Google's first attempt at an integrated Web and smart TV platform. Google TV was superseded by Android TV. Based on Android and the Chrome browser, Google TV let users surf the Web and run Android apps full screen or picture-in-picture. After its 2010 introduction, Blu-ray players and TVs incorporating Google TV slowly came to market, but it never took off.

Google TV to Chromecast to Android TV
The Google TV remote control was cumbersome for Web surfing, but a voice search was added to the remote control of the subsequent Android TV. In between the unveiling of both of these smart TV platforms, Google introduced a simple media streamer that relies on the user's mobile device for remote control (see Chromecast). See Android TV, Internet TV, smart TV and Google Fiber.

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Five key drivers that attract pay-TV providers to Android set-top box (STB) propositions are giving subscribers access to apps and services, increasing end-user engagement, exploring new monetisation avenues, reducing the time to market for new STBs, and decreasing churn by keeping subscribers on HDMI1 TV input which is controlled by the operator device.
The Nvidia Shield TV is more than a year old now, but it is still considered to be the number one Android set-top box on the market.
In addition to the current support of iOS, Android, web, Chromecast and Android Set-top Box, Hooq will also be available on Airplay and mobile web as part of this launch.
The new Android set-top box 'H1' will boost the conventional TV and even make smart TV smarter by taking the online entertainment experience to next level, simple to set up, easy to navigate, embedded Bluetooth and built in Wi-Fi, it's just plain fun all around.
Icflix has inked a deal with Humax to integrate the Icflix app directly into Humax Android set-top boxes for the GCC region.
The device then simultaneously streams multiple high quality broadcast TV channels across the home network to any connected (UPnP) device, such as a Smart TV, tablet, PC, Mac, smartphone, Android set-top box, game console, iPhone and iPad.
Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 10, 2016 --( MStar Semiconductor, Inc., a leading semiconductor company for display and digital home solutions, and Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, today announced a partnership to enable the secure delivery of premium content to Android set-top boxes (STBs).
Google ZTE to release Android set-top boxes for 3DTV.
Android ZTE to release Android set-top boxes for 3DTV.