Andronicus Ducas

Ducas, Andronicus


(also Dukas, Doukas). Year of birth unknown; died about 910. Byzantine general.

Ducas defeated the Arabs in 904 near Germaniceia (modern Maras). In 906-07 he raised a revolt against Emperor Leo VI, apparently hoping to gain the imperial throne with the help of the Arabs, and occupied the fortress of Kavalla, near Chonae. He was secretly supported by Nicholas Mysticus, the patriarch of Constantinople. After unsuccessful attempts to draw the population of Constantinople to his side, Ducas fled to the Arabs and accepted Islam.


Dve vizantiiskie khroniki X v. Moscow, 1959. Pages 109-12, 134. (Translation.)
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1071); because of the treachery and unreliability of his subordinates, Romanus was surprised by Alp Arslan near Manzikert, and although he fought well, he was defeated and captured by the Turks, largely because his second line under Andronicus Ducas failed to support him (August 19); when word of this disaster reached Constantinople, John Ducas placed his nephew on the throne as Michael VII (October 24); meanwhile, Alp Arslan released Romanus on his promise to pay tribute and a ransom; Romanus returned to face a civil war, and after sending some money to Alp Arslan as an earnest of his good faith, he surrendered to Michael VII to spare the empire further civil war; Romanus was blinded following his surrender, and died soon after (summer 1072).