Andrus Johani

Johani, Andrus


Born Aug. 19 (Sept. 1), 1906, in Tallinn; died Aug. 18, 1941. Estonian painter and draftsman.

Johani studied at the Tallinn State School of Industrial Arts (1922–26) and in Tartu under A. Vabbe at the “Pallas” Higher School of Art (1926–33). He was an outstanding master of the democratic trend in Estonian fine arts of the 1930’s and one of the founders of Soviet Estonian art. He created a number of genre compositions, portraits, and landscapes, which are imbued with a strongly optimistic attitude. His works include Women Ironing Linen (1932), The Workers’ Uprising of June 21, 1940, in Tartu (1941; both in the Tartu Museum of Art), and Portrait of the Artist’s Father (1940; Tallinn Museum of Art). Johani was executed by the fascists near Tartu.


Andrus Johani, 1906–1941 [Näituse kataloog]. Tartu, 1956. (In Estonian and Russian.)
Erm, V. A. Johani [Albums]. Tallinn, 1968.
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