Andrusovo, Armistice of 1667

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Andrusovo, Armistice of (1667)


concluded between Russia and the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania (the rzecz pospolita, the Polish “Republic of the Gentry”) for 131/2 years. It brought to a conclusion the Russo-Polish war of 1654–67 over the Ukraine and Byelorussia. It was signed on January 30 by A. L. Ordyn-Nashchokin for Russia and J. Glebowicz for Poland at the village of Andrusovo near Smolensk. Poland returned the provinces (voevodstvos) of Smolensk and Chernigov to Russia and recognized the incorporation of Left-bank Ukraine into Russia. Right-bank Ukraine and Byelorussia remained under Polish rule. Kiev was to remain in Russian hands until 1669, but Russia retained control of it, a fact which is formally recognized in the “eternal peace” of 1686. The Zaporozhian Sech was placed under the joint supervision of Russia and Poland. The Armistice of Andrusovo, concluded under difficult internal and external conditions for Russia, was an important stage in the struggle for the unification of the Ukrainian and Byelorussian peoples with Russia.


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