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see Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands,
group of about 100 small islands, West Indies, E of Puerto Rico. The islands are divided politically between the United States and Great Britain. Although constituting the westernmost part of the Lesser Antilles, the Virgin Islands form a geological unit with
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The plethora of white, sandy, palm-lined beaches and anchorages dotted around the island attract scores of yachties, while Anegada is a diver and snorkeller's paradise.
Ecology and behaviour of the franciscana (Pontoporia blainvillei) in Bahia Anegada, Argentina.
NPSAV: Blanquilla, Hornos, Pajaros, Gallega, Galleguilla and Anegada de Adentro reefs, Isla de Enmedio, Isla Verde, Isla Sacrificios, Isla Santiaguillo (Dreckmann, 1998; Ortega et al., 2001; Galicia-Garcia & Morales-Garcia, 2007; Godinez-Ortega et al., 2009).
The long-forgotten British Virgin Island of Anegada is a 75-minute ferry ride from the capital Tortola, but it feels a world away.
A more satisfying interpretation is that Rotz' place name is either an abbreviation of ennegade, the French version of the Spanish and Portuguese word anegada (overflowed), or an abbreviation of the French innovation negade, formed of a French root /neg/ and a foreign suffix /ade/, and equivalent to the French dialect word nigee (drowned).
TABLA II ALTURAS MAXIMAS DEL RIO PARANA (m) EN EL PUERTO DE CADA LOCALIDAD, DURANTE LOS TRES ULTIMOS EVENTOS "EL NINO" Localidad Paso de Corrientes Bella Vista Goya Esquina Fecha la Patria 21/6/83 9,54 26/6/83 7,03 27/6/83 6,86 18/7/83 9,02 21/7/83 7,17 7/6/1992 8,9 8/6/1992 8,64 11/6/1992 7,35 13/6/92 7,2 16/6/92 7,29 4/5/1998 8,69 8,39 6/5/1998 7,41 8/5/1998 7,07 10/5/1998 6,52 TABLA III IMPACTO DE LAS INUNDACIONES CATASTRIFICAS EN ARGENTINA * Impactos 1982-1983 (a) 1992 (b) 1998 (c) Superficie anegada (ha) 3,782,000 3,126,000 6,328,294 Personas evacuadas (No) 234.865 101.376 130.000 Danos y perdidas ([10.sup.6] 1.500 Sin datos 2.500 (d) USD) 609.69 (e) Provincia mas afectada Chaco Formosa Chaco, Corrientes * Tomado de Natenzon (2003).
Open to amateurs, professionals and spectators, and now in its second year, the event was conceived by Charlie Smith and Sir Richard Branson after a 20 mile kite crossing from Necker Island to Anegada.