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see windwind,
flow of air relative to the earth's surface. A wind is named according to the point of the compass from which it blows, e.g., a wind blowing from the north is a north wind.
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An instrument to measure the speed or velocity of gases either in a contained flow, such as airflow in a duct, or in unconfined flows, such as atmospheric wind. To determine the velocity, an anemometer detects change in some physical property of the fluid or the effect of the fluid on a mechanical device inserted into the flow.

An anemometer can measure the total velocity magnitude, the velocity magnitude in a plane, or the velocity component in a particular direction. The cup anemometer, for example, measures the velocity in a plane perpendicular to the axis of its rotation cups. If the cup anemometer is mounted with the shaft perpendicular to the horizontal, it will measure only the component of the wind that is parallel to the ground. Other anemometers, such as the pitot-static tube, are used with the tip aligned with the total velocity vector. Before using an anemometer, it is important to determine how it should be positioned and what component of the total velocity its measurement represents.

An anemometer usually measures gas flows that are turbulent. The cup anemo meter, pitot-static tube, and thermal anemometer are mostly used to measure the mean velocity, while the hot-wire, laser Doppler, and sonic anemometers are usually used when turbulence characteristics are being measured. (The term “thermal anemometer” is often used to mean any anemometer that uses a relationship between heat transfer and velocity to determine velocity.)

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A device which measures air speed.
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An instrument for measuring the velocity of airflow.
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An instrument to measure wind velocity. The common cup type of anemometer consists of three or more hemispherical cups extending on horizontal arms from a vertical shaft or spindle. The higher the speed, the faster the cups will rotate. By suitable gearing, a pointer indicates the speed.
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an instrument for recording the speed and often the direction of winds
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I reviewed Vaavud's first-gen Mjolnir smartphone anemometer a few years ago and discovered its short comings, yet appreciated its utility on the water and land.
In cases of vane and hot-wire anemometers, the location of the measuring point can become critical for accurate measurement.
The concept of anemometer based on gas discharge can be traced back to the last century; it was firstly presented through the relationship between voltage, current, and wind speed in gas discharge test by Lindvall [5].
In Figure 6, anemometer factor [K.sub.S], obtained from the calibrations performed on the anemometers used in the testing campaign, is shown as a function of the parameter [r.sub.r], for rotors with the same cup center rotation radius, [R.sub.rc].
Until the time when a single anemometer and anemometer geometry again become the defacto industry standard, manufacturers will likely not be able to report area factors that can be used with any of the newer instrumentation types available.
While the measurement masts are installed on site it should be made sure that wind vanes are not installed at the same height of anemometers as this might disturb the stream of air available to the anemometers.
Another activity students could be given to learn about the wind involves using handheld anemometers. Given "low-cost" handheld anemometers, students could work individually or in teams to take various wind measurements around the school campus or at other designated sites.
At each location, hold the anemometer at arms-length.
Rotating vane anemometers (Figure 1) sense the air speed from the pressure differentials.
John Wylam, vicar at Thockrington Church, close to the Northside Farm site, wrote to the council to object to the anemometers. He said: "This will presumably be a precursor to more wind turbine applications, and there is already much perturbation regarding the impact of proposed turbines.
TSI Incorporated is proud to launch a newly redesigned line of anemometers and indoor air quality (IAQ) instruments.