Angel Island

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Angel Island,

largest island in San Francisco Bay, W Calif. Explored by the Spanish in 1775, it came under U.S. control in 1851. The U.S. army used the island as a base from 1863 to 1946, and from 1955 to 1962 a radar and missile site was there. From 1910 to 1940 the island was also used to process more than a million mainly Asian immigrants to the United States, earning it the nickname "Ellis IslandEllis Island,
island, c.27 acres (10.9 hectares), in Upper New York Bay, SW of Manhattan island. Government-controlled since 1808, it was long the site of an arsenal and a fort, but most famously served (1892–1954) as the chief immigration station of the United States.
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 of the West." During World War II, enemy prisoners of war were confined on Angel Island. The island is now a state park.


See E. Lee and J. Yung, Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America (2010).

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Neither were the schooner captains believed when they reported seeing, on cold winter mornings, a man swimming in the tide-rips of Raccoon Straits or in the swift currents between Goat island and Angel Island miles from shore.
To make matters worse, the Government tugs that had been hauling food from the army depots on Mare Island to Angel Island found no more food to haul.
Jefferies is serving as the exclusive financial advisor to Mavis and is leading the financing group, which includes Antares Capital, KKR Capital Markets, Angel Island Capital and Cowen.
Angel Island Capital ("AIC"), a San Francisco-based alternative investment advisor and credit manager, has announced the appointment of Lynette Vanderwarker as Chief Strategy Officer, the company said.
Angel Island Capital (AIC), an alternative investment advisor and credit manager based in San Francisco, has said that it has appointed Dev Gopalan as its chief executive officer.
Of my other weekend rides, ANGEL ISLAND should have learned plenty from her recent second in Killarney to take on the colts in the Gallinule.
She started her career on heavy ground at Cork on the second day of April when runner-up to Angel Island and filled the same position at Tipperary later that month when no match for Cheshire Oaks runner-up Alluringly.
The northeast trending Angel Island fault appears to bound the conductive horizons parallel to and proximal to the eastern claim boundary at Clayton NE.
Charter a boat in San Francisco to see one of the world's great bays, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Angel Island.
In the 1800s Angel Island served as a cattle ranch and was also said to be a meeting place for smugglers and pirates.
Though Bayor focuses primarily on European immigrants coming through Ellis Island, he does point out that this experience is not what Asian immigrants faced, the majority of whom entered the United States through Angel Island (1910-1940) in San Francisco.
About half were admitted directly from their ships, and another half were detained at the Angel Island Immigration Station.