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Eco-Island will work to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in the San Francisco Bay Area by making Angel Island State Park a showcase of proven green technologies that make cost-effective use of the abundant wind and solar resources of the region.
The Alameda/Oakland Ferry has begun weekend service from the East Bay to Angel Island State Park.
Presenting sponsor Foghorn Press organized a flagship march to save Angel Island State Park in San Francisco, scheduled to close as a result of cuts in California's state parks budget.
Many have fallen to shopping centers and houses, of course, but they're also being removed from gardens and parks: Angel Island State Park, for example, and the University of California, Berkeley, campus.
INFO: Angel Island State Park (11 campsites from $20; www.
You can do the tourist thing and head out to Alcatraz or Angel Island State Park.
A World War II Army base, an immigration station (once known as the Ellis Island of the West), and a Civil War camp - Angel Island State Park boasts a fascinating history.
A refreshing wilderness, Angel Island State Park offers a convenient escape in the midst of San Francisco's well-traveled waterways.
It's now tradition with the Robert Trefry family of Sunnyvale, California, to invite a big gang to celebrate Dungeness crab season (November 13 through June 30) at Angel Island State Park in San Francisco Bay.