Angelica Catalani

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Catalani, Angelica


Born May 10, 1780, in Sinigaglia, Ancona Province; died June 12, 1849, in Paris. Italian singer (soprano).

Catalani made her opera debut in 1797 in Venice singing Lodoi’ska by S. Mayr. She began performing in Europe, including Russia, in 1804. She was endowed with perfect vocal gifts and had an extraordinary mastery of coloratura. Her roles included Semiramide in The Death of Semiramide by Portugal, the title role in Zingarelli’s Clitennestra, Camilla in The Orazi and Curiazi by Cimarosa, and Susanna in The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart. Catalani directed the Theatre Italien in Paris between 1814 and 1817. She retired in 1828.


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This method will be described here using the voice of Angelica Catalani as an example.
Mozart's son singled out the incompetence of the famous soprano Angelica Catalani, expressing "contempt" for her career built on the learning of "a few songs by memory.
It was an adaptation from the German of Die Falsche Catalani in Krehwinkel, which referred to the Italian prima donna Angelica Catalani.