Anglo-Ashanti Wars

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Anglo-Ashanti Wars


aggressive wars waged by Great Britain against the African state of Ashanti, culminating in its complete enslavement by the English colonialists.

Seven wars are recorded in historical literature. Ashanti was victorious in the first five of these wars—1805, 1811, 1814, 1824–31, and 1863. During the sixth war (1873–74), the English penetrated into the heart of the country and seized the capital of Ashanti, Kumasi; however, Great Britain did not succeed in establishing its hegemony over Ashanti. Only after the seventh war (1896) did the English break Ashanti’s resistance. It became a British protectorate; in 1901 the territory of Ashanti was included in the British colony of the Gold Coast. In 1957 the territory of Ashanti, along with the former protectorate of British Togo-land, became the independent state of Ghana.

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The main themes these historians dealt with were the Anglo-Asante wars and the steady growth of British jurisdiction and rule in Ghana.
Boahen charged that although both Claridge and Ward went into the causes of each of the Anglo-Asante wars, they failed to bring out the fundamental issues at stake.
Indeed Claridge devoted the first 193 pages of [his] second volume to the Anglo-Asante war of 1874 alone!

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