Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882

Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882


a war waged by England against Egypt with the goal of establishing colonial rule and suppressing the national liberation movement led by Arabi Pasha.

It began on July 11 with the bombardment of Alexandria by an English squadron; on July 15 a British landing party seized the city. The English attack on Cairo was halted on July 28 by the Egyptians led by Arabi in the battle at Kafr al-Dawar. England then transferred a considerable number of troops (English and Indian) to the Suez Canal zone. On August 2 the British seized Suez; on August 20, Ismailia. On September 13 they routed the Egyptians at Tell al-Kabir, and on September 14 they entered Cairo. Subsequently, all of Egypt was occupied and turned, in effect, into an English colony.


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