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Greenland: see TasiilaqTasiilaq
, formerly Ammassalik
, settlement and trading post (1996 pop. 1,684), E Greenland, on the Denmark Strait just S of the Arctic Circle. It was founded in 1894. Its radio-meteorological station (est. 1925) is the oldest on Greenland.
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200), Rasmussen did collect myths in East Greenland: he went to Angmagssalik in 1919 to do so.
Ports of call: Liverpool, UK - Reykjavik, Iceland - Cruising Prins Christiansund - Cruising Torssukatak - Narsaruaq, Greenland - Cruising Tunulliarfik Fjord - Qaqortoq, Greenland - Cruising Lichtenau Fjord - Cruising Tasermiut Fjord - Nanortalik, Greenland - Tasiilaq, Greenland - Cruising Angmagssalik Fjord - Liverpool, UK
De Molenaar, J.G.--1976--Vegetation of the Angmagssalik District, Southeast Greenland II.
He is a Fellow of the prestigious Explorers Club, has a mountain named for him outside Angmagssalik, East Greenland, and makes his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, during the rare times he's not traveling.
Figure 2 shows the history from Angmagssalik, which, at latitude 65.61/4N, longitude 37.61/4W, is at the heart of the region showing the greatest glacial recession.
Thereafter Nanok spent the rest of the summer and the fall hauling freight (and sometimes towing a scow) up and down the Greenland coast to and from such locations as Bluie West 3 (Marrak Point, near Fiskenaesset, now Qeqertarsuatsiaat), Arsuk, Ivigtut, Julianehab (now Qaqortok), Bluie West 8 (Sondre Stromfjord, now Kangerlussuaq), Bluie East 2 (Comanche Bay or Pikiutdleq) and Bluie East 1 (Angmagssalik).
Mikkelsen, Amdrup made a remarkable voyage in a 5.5 m open boat from Cape Dalton to Angmagssalik, a distance of over 700 km.
(By 1942, the idea of constructing an airfield at Padloping Island would be dismissed as impractical.) The other three would be located in Greenland, at Narsarsuaq, Angmagssalik (referred to as "Ikatek" in some contemporary documents), and Sondre Stromfjord.
Kostundersogelse i Angmagssalik. Forskning i Gronland/Tusaut 1-2/81.