Anikita Iartsov

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Iartsov, Anikita Sergeevich


(also A. S. Iartsev). Born Aug. 6 (17), 1737, in Ekaterinburg (now Sverdlovsk); died Aug. 2 (14), 1819, in the village of Novosel’e, Tver’ Province. Russian figure in the metallurgical industry.

Iartsov graduated from the Ekaterinburg Mining School and from Moscow University. He supervised the building in Kazan Province of the Shermeitka and Klimkovka metallurgical plants in 1762 and the Kholunitsa Metallurgical Plant in 1764. He also supervised the construction of what was the largest metallurgical plant of its time, the Aleksandrovskii Plant in the Olonets region. From 1797 to 1802, Iartsov was the head of the office that exercised authority over the metallurgical plants in Ekaterinburg.

Between 1807 and 1819, Iartsov wrote an eight-volume work entitled “The History of Mining in Russia,” which has been preserved in manuscript. Iartsov was responsible for the introduction into metallurgical plants of such innovations as railway track, cupolas (small blast furnaces), and piston-driven bellows.


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