Animal Alliance of Canada

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Animal Alliance of Canada

Address:221 Broadview Ave, Suite 101
Toronto, ON M4M2G3

Established: 1990. Description:Committed to the protection of all animals and the promotion of a harmonious relationship among people, animals, and the environment. Works to protect animals and the environment with local, national, and international educational and legislative advocacy initiatives. Members: 20,000. Dues: $25/year.
Publications: Take Action (2x/year); free to members.

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A petition from the Animal Alliance of Canada, et al.
Ainslie Willock, director of Animal Alliance of Canada, disagrees with killing animals for fur, but also feels that Aboriginal groups are being used by Canada's government and the fur industry.
Ainslie Willock, spokesman for the Animal Alliance of Canada, who supports the proposed ban, stated that "what the Europeans don't know is that the Natives who have been lobbying in Europe have been paid government lobbysts.

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