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Yesterday was designated a national day of action against Tesco by the Animal Liberation Front, who have been at the forefront of the turtle campaign.
Vlasak, a trauma surgeon, is a self-appointed spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front, a radical animal rights group.
THE militant Irish Animal Liberation Front last night warned movie hardman Vinnie Jones - "Watch your back".
Of course now the Animal Liberation Front would be storming our living room to free the furry West Derby one, but back then there was something incredibly thrilling about a slightly aged bunny loping wearily out of a cardboard box in a flurry of cheap confetti.
At a May 18, 2005, hearing of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, senators clashed over the potential terrorist threat of two loosely organized groups, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Environmental Liberation Front (ELF), which have used violent acts and harassment as a means of advancing their agendas.
If it is renewed, Yaure would like to see its scope expanded to include acts of domestic terrorism along the lines of the Oklahoma City bombing or attacks by members of such homegrown groups as the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front.
xUltramilitancex is animal liberation, anarcho-smash-the-state stuff, with reports on Animal Liberation Front activities around the globe.
1,000 Minks that killed and ate each other, out of 10K released from a farm by the Animal Liberation Front in a raid.
While ostensibly aimed at groups like the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front that advocate property destruction, the legislation is so sweeping and nebulous it could also cover nonviolent civil disobedience or even ordinary environmental activism.
Feld's open letter challenged animal rights groups and PETA in particular to tell the public how they spend the money they raise, and asked them to detail how much is spent on animal care and how much "on creating politically motivated lawsuits, violent and sexually titillating ads, publicity stunts and support of political extreme groups such as the Animal Liberation Front (listed as a terrorist organization by the FBI).
As America struggled to cope with the worst terrorist attack in history, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) was touting its own terrorist activities.
Another animal rights group, Animal Liberation Front, claimed responsibility for vandalism at Warren Stephens' Manhattan townhouse in the morning hours of Jan.