Animal Population

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Animal Population


the historically developed totality of individuals of one or more animal species in some land area or body of water. In contrast to the concept of fauna, an animal population is characterized not only by the species composition but also by the number of individuals. The animal population of a species, functional biocenotic groups (saprophagans, predators, parasites, and so forth), and the entire animal population as a whole are distinguished. Depending on their objectives, scientists often examine the animal population of individual taxa (for example, darkling beetles, fish, birds), ecological communities (benthos, inhabitants of tree crowns and soil, waterfowl), plant pests, and so forth. The concept of animal population is used to study animal migrations and animal population dynamics, elucidate the roles of animals in biocenoses, and work out scientific forecasts for the fishing industry, agriculture, forestry, hunting, and public health.


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'And Section 30 (2) (e) which further elaborates: the killing is done for the purpose of animal population control by any authorised authority under any written law,' Salahuddin said.
The release further stated that some people were of the view that the suspension would lead to animal population increases; it would promote conservation especially for the species that experienced reduction.
Statistics from Earth Day International (EDI) show that 40 percent of the world's bird species are in decline with one of eight threatened with global extinction, while the wild animal population, specifically land animals, has decreased by 40 percent.
The meeting noted that the present situation had made things difficult for human and animal population. There was no water in Badin district.
World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) living planet report in 2018 showed a 60 percent decline in animal population in just over 40 years.
Financing of hunting, preservation of hunting resources and improvement of situation with animal population amounts to 10,418,000 soms.
Speakers told that by 2020 mankind may witness the loss of two-thirds of the entire animal population unless action is taken to reform food and energy systems and meet global commitments on addressing climate change, protecting biodiversity and supporting sustainable development.
Tadweer carries out extensive campaigns across the emirate to manage the stray animal population. (Supplied photo)
We strongly believe that a cleanup wouldn't be complete without a sustainable, animal-friendly and effective method of stray animal population control.
The episode at the school offered the students an exciting opportunity to learn about the local animal population first hand, and see conservation efforts in action.
But when it started raining cats and dogs, it also hit the city's animal population hard.
In every flood, massive human and an equally big animal population, is displaced.