Animal Population

Animal Population


the historically developed totality of individuals of one or more animal species in some land area or body of water. In contrast to the concept of fauna, an animal population is characterized not only by the species composition but also by the number of individuals. The animal population of a species, functional biocenotic groups (saprophagans, predators, parasites, and so forth), and the entire animal population as a whole are distinguished. Depending on their objectives, scientists often examine the animal population of individual taxa (for example, darkling beetles, fish, birds), ecological communities (benthos, inhabitants of tree crowns and soil, waterfowl), plant pests, and so forth. The concept of animal population is used to study animal migrations and animal population dynamics, elucidate the roles of animals in biocenoses, and work out scientific forecasts for the fishing industry, agriculture, forestry, hunting, and public health.


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The episode at the school offered the students an exciting opportunity to learn about the local animal population first hand, and see conservation efforts in action.
The situation is worse in impoverished areas, where most residents cannot afford even basic veterinary care, including spaying and neutering, and as a result, the animal population spirals out of control.
But when it started raining cats and dogs, it also hit the city's animal population hard.
In every flood, massive human and an equally big animal population, is displaced.
Talking to mediamen after a meeting of the UVAS officials regarding need of quality fodder, he said that large number of animal population including dry animals was becoming a problem because they were consuming huge resources in terms of water and fodder.
Poachers have also taken their toll on the animal population, whose numbers have fallen drastically.
After analyzing an exhaustive record of both animal population and climate changes, researchers report online July 23 in Science that neither suspect was the primary megafauna killer.
Habitat degradation and increased in wild animal population and expansion of human population are the main reasons behind the man- animal conflicts," Uttarakhand's principal chief conservator of forests Dr RBS Rawat said.
Punjab is also working on promotng per animal productivity rather than increasing animal population.
The director of the company, Adamo Assane Valy, explained that the master plan is to diversify and increase the animal population to give greater choice to visitors.
Although previous research has implied a link between short-term changes in animal species' physical characteristics and evolution, the Leeds-led study is the first to prove a causal relationship between rapid genetic evolution and animal population dynamics in a controlled experimental setting.
Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, told the media that the initiative was rolled out in line with the Ministry's policy to maintain the rates of growth in animal population and further partnership with stakeholders.