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The first disappointment is the thinness of Sperling's description of the San Francisco bay area animal liberation movement.
It was not until the 1970s and 1980s with the publication of Peter Singer's "Animal Liberation" and the emergence of animal activism launched by such groups as PETA and many others that the philosophy of animal rights, which opposed any form of animal exploitation, became prominent in public awareness.
Under fire: Animal activists are furious that Tesco stores in China are selling live turtles; Alert: Barrhead Tesco is evacuated and shut down yesterday after threats by Animal Liberation activists
During her sophomore year, Priyanka founded the Action for Animal Liberation Club.
Gerlach was one of six people arrested after a nine-year investigation into arsons believed to be connected to the Earth Liberation Front or Animal Liberation Front.
Thames Valley Police said it knew of 18 anonymous letters which tell contractors they will be targeted by the militant Animal Liberation Front if they undertake work for the university.
This statement coincided with the closure of a guinea pig farm in Newchurch that supplied animals to research laboratories, a farm that eventually caved in to the threats of the Animal Liberation Movement.
THE fanatical Animal Liberation Front has pledged to step up 'operations' in Ireland - and warned that it will soon be attacking again.
One such organisation is the Animal Liberation Front, who claim to be passionately protective of all creatures great and small -so long as they are covered in a nice coat of natural fur.
The Watermelon Marxist contingent (Red on the inside, Green on the outside) was there in force: the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the Green Party, the Animal Liberation Front, etc.
I became a vegetarian after reading Peter Singer's Animal Liberation. I looked at the meat in my dish and I saw fear, pain, death.
He took part in an Animal Liberation Front firebomb attack in the Isle of Wight, which caused pounds 3m damage.