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bird sanctuary:

see wildlife refugewildlife refuge,
haven or sanctuary for animals; an area of land or of land and water set aside and maintained, usually by government or private organization, for the preservation and protection of one or more species of wildlife. Types of Refuges

The U.S.
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You can help Wythall Animal Sanctuary by donating to the charity shop, or by sponsoring an animal.
The All Creatures Great and Small animal sanctuary, near Cwmbran, is threatened with closure on September 30.
Ten beavers were brought to Britain earlier this year to take part in a wetland conservation project at Wildwood Animal Sanctuary, near Canterbury, Kent - but a breeding programme was not on the agenda.
Daphne Wain and her husband, Cliff, have been taking in sick and unwanted sheep for eight years at Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary in Pattingham, near Wolverhampton.
Animal sanctuary trustee Patricia Bernie said: "This is her home now.
LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary accepts disabled animals from all over the United States where they are medically treated, neutered, socialized and put up for adoption throughout North America.
The Lions that lived their entire lives in tiny cages on the backs of dilapidated circus trucks and in run-down zoos will be moving to a huge new habitat of 100+ acres at The Wild Animal Sanctuary near Denver, Colorado, where construction is rapidly progressing on the new facilities which are being built by the non-profit Sanctuary.
An animal sanctuary found Maisie the terrier in Antrim.
But she spends all her time off looking after a different kind of patient - at her own animal sanctuary.
LEARNERS from a specialist department at a Black Country college exchanged hand-made crafts for cash to boost an animal sanctuary.
Paula Campbell, a writer who also runs an animal sanctuary at Willington, County Durham, took him in as she takes in many creatures in need of tender loving care.