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The reception area had been trashed and two collection boxes for Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary and Support Adoption for Pets had been taken.
Free the Wild has also urged govt to release Kavaan the lone elephant into animal sanctuary
Ecologist Dr Shirley Goodyer, a member of the British Feral Goat Research Group, said: "I'm delighted about Jarrow Hall's decision to become an animal sanctuary; I've been in touch with Alex Burnett for two years about British primitive goats, an animal that has probably been native to Britain since at least Neolithic times more than 5,000 years ago.
Kitten Frog, right, and Newt were born without back legs and are being cared for by a Liverpool animal sanctuary
In a post on Facebook last night, Belsonic wrote: "While Green Day and Rancid were in town yesterday the bands, their family and their crew took some time to meet puppies from Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Bangor, who rescue and rehome dogs, cats and rabbits.
Crispy the Duck and Solitaire the Rabbit, who have been gone missing from Steve Lucock's animal sanctuary in Blyth
Around seven years ago, Sheryl decided to make the animal sanctuary exclusively for older animals.
Buzz currently lives at Foxrush Farm Animal Sanctuary in Redcar, part of the Saltburn Animal Rescue Association (SARA).
The raider, caught on Wythall Animal Sanctuary's CCTV cameras, broke into the Middle Lane, Kings Norton, compound on Sunday.
Brown, it added, was passionate about animal welfare, and as the newly appointed manager of the Argos animal sanctuary in Ormidhia, "his enthusiasm andhard work has already brought about huge changes and improvements to the shelter" which is home to over 200 abused and abandoned animals.
The zoo and animal activists wanted the elephants to go to a large animal sanctuary in California--so far away it seemed an impossible dream.
Last week the Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary launched a bid to re-home Jilly, a 10-yearold cairn terrier and Susie, a 12-year-old collie, who were taken in when their owner, Jennifer Taylor died in early October.