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In comparison, these dielectric anisotropies were smaller than literature reported anisotropy of polyimides.
Yet fine-scale anisotropies have become cosmology's new Holy Grail.
Inspired by these hopes, a host of ground-based and balloon-borne instruments have been measuring CMB anisotropies on angular scales beyond COBE's reach.
Before answering that question, let's first look at how so much science can be squeezed from CMB anisotropies in the first place.
A slightly "tilted" spectrum favoring larger- or smaller-scale anisotropies can be produced in some models and could still fit within COBE's measurement uncertainties.
A number of groups in the last two years have detected anisotropies on angular scales of around 0 [degrees] .
Some report anisotropies that are above the peak in the graph.
Quadrupole anisotropies, which have been reported by other observers and which would be a cosmological problem, do not appear in these data.