Anita Garibaldi

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Garibaldi, Anita


(properly, Anna Ribeiro da Silva). Born in 1821 in Morrinhos, Brazil; died Aug. 4, 1849, near Ravenna. Participant in the national liberation struggle of the Italian people; wife and battle comrade of Garibaldi.

Anita met Garibaldi in 1839 during the war of liberation in the South American republic of Rio Grande; together with him she took part in the partisan battles in South America. In December 1847, together with her children, she migrated to her husband’s native land, Italy. In the Revolution of 1848-49 she fought as an officer in Garibaldi’s force during the defense of the Roman Republic of 1849. She died during the arduous campaign after the fall of Rome, when Garibaldi’s troops were seeking to break through to the Venetian Republic.


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The first feature film titled Garibaldi is dated 1907, and was produced by the Roman production company Cines, followed three years later by Mario Caserini's portrait of Giuseppe Garibaldi's heroic mistress in Anita Garibaldi (1910).
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Just as untraditional was the role of women in Garibaldi's armies exemplified by the wife of Crispi but especially by Anita Garibaldi.