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The Cardan sequence for calculating ankle joint angles was X-Y-Z, which is equivalent to the flexion / extension-inversion / eversion-axial rotation.
19) By minimising soft tissue dissection, decreases infection rate and permits early mobilisation of the ankle joint through hinges in a stable mechanical environment.
In this study, we defined ankle joint angle at 0[degrees] (dorsiflexion 0[degrees]) when the foot plate was perpendicular to the ground and measured the ankle joint angle as the rotation angle of the foot plate; we defined dorsiflexion as positive.
Right ankle angle: the right ankle joint is the peak, the heel of the right foot and right knee joint respectively forms two lines with the right ankle joint.
Of all the intra-articular fractures occurring in weight-bearing joints, the most common joint involved is the ankle joint.
To evaluate active and passive ankle joint position senses, 10[degrees] and 20[degrees] of ankle inversion and 15[degrees] and 30[degrees] of ankle plantarflexion were selected as the test angles.
In a kneeling position with feet pointed, roll up a hand towel and place it two to three inches below your ankle joints (around the middle of the feet).
The stoppers were placed to prevent the pendulum from swaying beyond the normal ankle joint range and, thus, reduced the risk of injury to the subject from excessive ankle joint movements.
An MRI was performed prior to showing up at our clinic, which shows the anatomic position of the ankle joint without any intraatricular pathological findings.
In my view the podiatrist's stratetgy should be to combine initial orthotic use with recommending strengthening exercises for the small muscles crossing the ankle joint.
The joint angle was determined in a sagittal plane during the flexion-extension of knee joint and dorsiflexion-plantar flexion of the ankle joint in each stage of a whole gait cycle.