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A sudden twist of the ankle joint on a slippery or uneven surface is enough to tear some of the fibrous bands that hold the ankle bones together.
It is something that leaves a small hole in the surface on the ankle bone (the talus) with a dead piece of bone in it.
The 45-year-old was helping out on her family farm near Fishguard when she accidentally snapped her right ankle bone.
Whilst she was waiting for an X-ray, two doctors saw her ankle bone was "out" and manipulated it back into position.
A Footballer's ankle occurs when the bone overgrows on the shinbone or the ankle bone due to repeated trauma, such as kicking a ball.
I appeal to the makers of football boots to make them stronger to completely cover the ankle bone.
The Lambs, however, fear Nick Wright will not play again this season after the striker suffered a chipped ankle bone and damaged ligaments against Stevenage.
The device, HyProCure, stabilizes the ankle bone on the hindfoot bones, thus relieving posterior tibial nerve strain and tarsal tunnel (foot's version of the carpal tunnel) pressures.
When the concept of a rubber band being charged with connecting the ankle bone to the knee bone left me dumbfounded, Fred stepped away from the tweezers and progressed to using a recent and memorable spring clean of his toy box as the next best illustrative tool.
On the X-ray, they saw my inside ankle bone was just floating so I had to get that screwed back on.
The world record holder from Guisborough was forced to put athletics on ice last April - and had a revolutionary stem cell op last September to remove a cyst inside her ankle bone.
Chopra was already playing through the pain barrier because of a chipped ankle bone and was prepared to put back surgery on the problem until the end of the season.