Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway
Anne Jacqueline Hathaway
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York City, New York

Hathaway, Anne:

see Shakespeare, WilliamShakespeare, William,
1564–1616, English dramatist and poet, b. Stratford-upon-Avon. He is widely considered the greatest playwright who ever lived. Life
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The resulting picture of Ann Hathaway looks appreciably different from the earlier one.
Last night Rocco Ligouri, the Italian prosecutor in charge of the investigation, said: "The charge that Ann Hathaway faces is one of Mafia association.
While still a teenager he got local farmer's daughter Ann Hathaway pregnant and his subsequent shotgun wedding at the age of 18 left him a married man with few prospects.
Owners Ann Hathaway and Julia Martin said they had outgrown their old space and that parking had been an ongoing problem.
Ann Hathaway (44), told London's City of Westminster Magistrates' Court of her surprise decision to agree to be extradited to Sicily where she could be jailed for a maximum of 24 years over alleged Mafia activities.
and Ann Hathaway Munro of Eugene; a sister, Melberna Hathaway of Morton, Wash.
It's not quite the worst film of the year, but Norbit should still be avoided like the plague; They should have stayed in the car: Routine Aussie shocker Gone; The fragrant Ann Hathaway in Becoming Jane; After The Wedding, one of the week's best films, comes from Sweden and it's very intense; Outlaw starts off promising but descends into a standard drama with menaces
But Ann Hathaway, 44, insisted she never knew what murderer and drug trafficker Antonio Rinzivillo got up to - because she never asked him.
COSTUMED CAPERS: John Evans as William Shakespeare and his wife Monica as Ann Hathaway enjoy their roles in the parade.
Ann Hathaway, 42, appeared to be a housewife from Middleton, Manchester.
Ann Hathaway is buried alongside Shakespeare with his two daughters, son-in-laws and granddaughter.
Ann Hathaway, 3446 Lakeside Drive, Eugene, formerly doing business as The Clothes Horse, filed chapter 7 personal bankruptcy.