Anna Petrovna Zatyrkevich-Karpinskaia

Zatyrkevich-Karpinskaia, Anna Petrovna


Born Jan. 10 (22), 1856, in Sribno, in present-day Chernigov Oblast; died Sept. 12, 1921, in Romny. Soviet Ukrainian actress.

Zatyrkevich-Karpinskaia began acting in M. L. Kropivnitskii’s company in 1883 and stayed in it until 1892. She later worked in the companies of N. K. Sadovskii, A. Z. Suslov, and T. P. Kolesnichenko. One of the outstanding Ukrainian theatrical figures, Zatyrkevich-Karpinskaia created truthful, brilliantly distinctive characters, including Agrafena Stepanovna in Kvitka-Osnov’ianenko’s SheVmenko the Batman, Anna in Karpenko-Karyi’s The Wretched Woman, Limerivna in Mirnyi’s play of the same name, and Stekha in Shevchenko’s Nazar Stodolia. In 1919-20 she appeared in the National Theater in Kiev and performed for units of the Red Army.


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