Anna Rochester

Rochester, Anna


Born 1880; died 1966. American historian and economist. Participant in the labor movement.

During World War I (1914–18), Rochester joined the socialist movement and later the communist movement. After the war, she was one of the founders of the progressive Labor Research Association. She was the author of works devoted to the history of capitalism in the United States, the condition of the working class, and the history of the farm workers’ movement.


Rulers of America: A Study of Finance Capital. New York, 1936.
Profits and Wages. New York, 1932.
Wall Street. [New York] 1932.
In Russian translation:
Trud i ugol’v Amerike. Moscow-Leningrad, 1932.
Pochemu bedny fermery: Agrarnyi krizis ν SShA. Moscow, 1949.
Amerikanskii kapitalizm 1607–1800. Moscow, 1950.
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Moving to New York in mid-decade, Hutchins continued her religious studies and soon found her way to SCHC and Anna Rochester. It was December 1920.
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The middle class mattered to the likes of Mike Gold, Granville Hicks, Corliss Lamont, Lewis Corey [Louis Fraina], and Anna Rochester. It now matters a great deal to historians, one of whom is Andrew C.