Anna Teofilovna Pustovoitova

Pustovoitova, Anna Teofilovna


Born July 3(15), 1843, in the village of Verkhovishki, near Zhitomir; died May 2, 1881, in Paris. Russian revolutionary.

The daughter of a Russian general and a Polish gentlewoman, Pustovoitova graduated from the Puławy Institute for Wellborn Girls (now in Poland). She fought in the Polish Uprising of 1863–64 and was taken prisoner on Nov. 26, 1863. Exiled to Vologda Province, she was amnestied in 1867. Pustovoitova lived in Paris beginning in 1870 and fought on the barricades at the time of the Paris Commune. Captured by the Versaillais, she was released owing to the intervention of the International Red Cross.


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