Annaklych Miatadzhi

Miatadzhi, Annaklych


Born 1822 (?) in the aul (village) of Keshi, a suburb of Ashkhabad; died 1884 (?). Turkmen poet.

Miatadzhi studied in a madrasa and later worked as a farmer. He performed as a bakhshi, singing his own verse songs and those of other poets. His lyrical verses, which were similar to folk poetry, became popular songs that are still performed today (”At a Glance,” “Aiperi,” and others).

Miatadzhi also wrote verses on social themes, glorifying his native land (for example, “Here Is”), showing indignation at the injustices of the powers that be (“When He Was Poor”), and describing the backbreaking labor of the plowman (“Wheat”).


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