Annali Dello Spiritismo

Annali Dello Spiritismo

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)
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The “Annals of Spiritualism,” or Annali Dello Spiritismo, was the first major Spiritualism journal published in Italy. It appeared in Turin in 1863 and continued in print until 1898, under the editorship of Signor Niceforo Filalete, a pseudonym of Professor Vincenzo Scarpa.

Daniel Dunglas Home had visited Italy in 1852 and when he returned to England left a violent controversy amongst the Italian journalists. Home’s enthusiasm had brought about the formation of a large number of development circles throughout the country. This led to the publication of Il amore del Vero, in Geneva, edited by Dr. Pietro Suth and Signor B. E. Manieri. It contained accounts of Spiritualist activities in other parts of Europe and in the United States and was circulated in Italy, despite the protests of the Church.

At the same time that Annali Dello Spiritismo first appeared, a Spiritualist society was formed in Palermo, named Il Societa Spiritual di Palermo, with Signor J. V. Paleolozo as president and with members of the caliber of Paolo Morelle, professor of Latin and philosophy.


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