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(ənăp`əlĭs), city (1990 pop. 33,187), state capital and seat of Anne Arundel co., central Md., on the south bank of the Severn River. Annapolis is a port of entry on Chesapeake Bay and the business and shipping center for the fruit and vegetable farmers of E Maryland. Local industries include the packaging of seafood and the manufacture of small boats, plastics, and aerospace parts. Tourists, some of whom sail on the Chesapeake, are also important to the economy; the city hosts the annual national sailboat show.

Annapolis was settled in 1649 by Puritans fleeing Virginia. Hostility between the Puritans and the Roman Catholic governors of Maryland resulted in the battle of the Severn River in 1655, in which the Puritans successfully revolted, only to lose control after the RestorationRestoration,
in English history, the reestablishment of the monarchy on the accession (1660) of Charles II after the collapse of the Commonwealth (see under commonwealth) and the Protectorate.
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 in England. The settlement, originally called Providence, was later known as Anne Arundel Town, after the wife of the 2d Lord Baltimore. In 1694 it became the provincial capital of Maryland and was renamed Annapolis for Princess (later Queen) Anne of England. In 1783–84, Annapolis served as the capital of the United States when the Congress met there. The city was the site of the Annapolis Convention (1786), which led to the Federal Constitutional ConventionConstitutional Convention,
in U.S. history, the 1787 meeting in which the Constitution of the United States was drawn up. The Road to the Convention

The government adopted by the Thirteen Colonies in America (see Confederation, Articles of, and Continental
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Still standing is the statehouse where George Washington resigned as commander in chief of the Continental Army in 1783 and where the treaty that ended the Revolutionary War was ratified in 1784 (see Paris, Treaty ofParis, Treaty of,
any of several important treaties, signed at or near Paris, France. The Treaty of 1763

The Treaty of Paris of Feb. 10, 1763, was signed by Great Britain, France, and Spain.
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). Other notable landmarks are the Old Treasury (c.1695), the oldest original building in Maryland; the library (1737); St. John's College; and St. Anne's Church (1858–59) and graveyard, where the former royal governor of Annapolis Sir Robert Eden (an ancestor of Anthony EdenEden, Anthony, 1st earl of Avon
, 1897–1977, British statesman. After service in World War I he attended Oxford and entered (1923) Parliament as a Conservative.
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) is buried. Much 18th-century architecture is preserved in the city. Annapolis is the site of the United States Naval Academy, founded in 1845.


See J. W. McWilliams, Annapolis, City on the Severn: A History (2011).


river, c.75 mi (120 km) long, rising in W Nova Scotia, Canada, and flowing SW past Annapolis Royal to Annapolis Basin, an arm of the Bay of Fundy. The entrance to the basin, bordered by cliffs 500 ft (152 m) high, is known as Digby Gut. It is the site of a prototype tidal power station. The Annapolis lowlands, an important agricultural area, was the site of Nova Scotia's first successful farming colony.
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the capital of Maryland, near the mouth of the Severn River on Chesapeake Bay: site of the US Naval Academy. Pop.: 36 178 (2003 est.)
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Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has acquired First Annapolis, a privately held payments consulting and advisory firm that serves a wide range of clients globally, including financial institutions, retailers, travel and entertainment companies, communications/technology companies, and private-equity firms, the company said.

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