(both: ənou`), town, in S Turkmenistan, 5 mi (8 km) SE of Ashgabat, near the Iranian border. At Annau, Raphael Pumpelly discovered (1903) traces of habitation dating back to c.3000 B.C. The excavations uncovered artifacts indicating cultivation of grain; beautifully designed pottery was also found.


See R. Pumpelly, The Prehistoric Civilization of Anau (1908).

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Ashgabat later became a separate administrative unit, while Annau city in the Bugdayly district has been considered the center of the region so far.
2011; Snyder, Katims, Annau, Bruns, & Daly, 1981), (b) was readily available in our laboratory, and (c) has been shown to increase responding maintained by food reinforcers (Retzbach, Dholakia, & Duncan-Vaidya, 2014; Sheppard et al.
In Turkmenistan, these sites included the Seyit Jemalletdin Mosque in Annau, as seen before the devastating earthquake of 1948, as well as iconic Greater and Lesser Gyz Gala fortresses in the ancient city of Merv before the further deterioration of their mud bricks.
This is obvious in the opening scene of Annau's adaptation.
2014) as well as 2 mg/kg body weight of Hg administration in mice at gestational day 8 (Hughes and Annau 1976) resulted in developmental programming effects in offspring.
The archeological excavations in Annau (near Ashgabat) and Bactria (Afghanistan) have found the remains of Ahal-Teke horses from the period around 2500-1000 BC.
dangos fel y gall pwerau ywbeth nad yw wedi digwydd annau eraill o'r gwledydd hyn.
Astudiwyd rhyw 30 o ganolf annau gweithgareddau awyr agored a chanfod fod 60% o'r staff cefnogi (gweinyddu/ llnau/ coginio) yn Gymry Cymraeg - a llawer yn ferched, tra mai dim ond 4% o'r tywyswyr oedd yn Gymry Cymraeg - a'r rhan fwyaf yn ddynion.
Also, the conditioned suppression suffered by an appetitive instrumental response due to the presentation of an aversive CS (e.g., Annau & Kamin, 1961; Bolles & Fanselow, 1980; Bouton & Bolles, 1980; Church, 1969; Estes & Skinner, 1941) can be explained by this theory as functionally equivalent to the summation test of conditioned inhibition (i.e., decrease of responding to a CS due to the simultaneous presentation of an inhibitor of the US; Rescorla, 1969).
In 1995, Toronto-based producer, writer and researcher Catherine Annau approached the National Film Board with a documentary idea about Canada, one that would appeal both to Canadians and outsiders.