Annie Leibovitz

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Leibovitz, Annie

(lēb`əvĭts), 1949–, American photographer, b. Waterbury, Conn., as Anna-Lou Leibovitz. A celebrated portrait photographer, she began contributing photographs to Rolling Stone magazine in 1970, was named its chief photographer three years later, and became known for her images of rock personalities, notably a 1975 Rolling Stones concert tour series and a 1980 double portrait of a nude John Lennon clinging to a clothed Yoko Ono. Leibovitz moved away from reportage and on to a wider range of celebrity subjects when she became a principal photographer for Vanity Fair magazine in 1983. In the mid-1980s she also began photographing for major corporate advertisers. Her arresting, usually posed, and technically accomplished images of the famous and the unknown, in deeply saturated color or modulated black and white, represent a broad survey of American popular culture. Her books include 1983 and 1991 collections, Olympic Portraits (1996), Women (1999), American Music (2003), A Photographer's Life: 1990–2005 (2006), and Annie Leibovitz at Work (2008).
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When it comes to portrait photography, Annie Liebowitz is my favourite," he said.
One photograph she did is a copy of the photo of the nude Lennon in fetal pose next to Yoko, apparently originally photographed by Annie Liebowitz hours before Lennon's death.
The 2009 edition, photographed by famed New York photographer Annie Liebowitz contains one photo, "Romulus and Remus" that has raised a critical furor on the web (probably to the delight of the unorthodox Ms.
MAG: Vanity Fair for February Picture exclusively for Vanity Fair by ANNIE LIEBOWITZ
The "Columbia Tribute" painting sprang from this important undertaking and it now hangs beside two Warhols, a Peter Max, an Annie Liebowitz, and Prey's own "International Space Station" at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
n 1997: Supermodel Iman recreates the famous '40s picture of beauties by Irving Penn; but this time, all the models are black and the picture is taken by Annie Liebowitz.
Photographed by the renowned Annie Liebowitz, motherhood was the theme as she brought along her daughter Sarah.
Clinch, a former intern for portrait photographer Annie Liebowitz, has captured images of Radiohead, Public Enemy, Phish, John Lee Hooker and countless other musicians.
A few years ago, while demonstrating solidarity with the oppressed of Sarajevo by staging a production of Waiting For Godot with her friend Annie Liebowitz, Miss Sontag declared that "Sarajevo is the Spanish Civil War of our time.
A signed Annie Liebowitz photograph, from her Vanity Fair 'Star Wars' series
To support the creation of these pilot programs, world-renowned photographers such as Annie Liebowitz, Michael O'Neill, Roberto Dutesco, Steve McCurry, Luca Babini, and Dennis Hopper have generously donated their prints to be auctioned with all proceeds going to the Urban Zen Initiative.
It's a bit pricey at pounds 220, but think of it as an investment - who knows, you could be the next Annie Liebowitz.