Anniversary of Imam Sadiq's Martyrdom

Imam Sadiq's Martyrdom, Anniversary of

25th day of the Islamic month of Shawwal
Historical accounts differ over the birth year of Ja'far al-Sadiq (699?–765), the sixth Shi'ite imam and founder of an expansion of Islamic shari'ah law known as fiqh. Records are more certain, however, about the date of his murder, which was believed to be at the hands of the Abbasid ruler al-Mansur. Followers mourn and offer condolences to one another on the death anniversary of this spiritual leader and renowned scholar. It is a public holiday in Iran and is observed in countries with Shi'ite populations.
Many followers observe al-Sadiq's death as they observe other martyr days—with religious processions of mourning and a special meeting called the rawda-khani. Convened in houses or mosques, these ceremonies feature rawda-khans, individuals who are skilled at reciting Islamic narratives. The retelling of the imam's demise by poisoning often elicits weeping from the audience and other strong expressions of grief.
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