Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin

Bombing of Darwin, Anniversary of the

February 19
On February 19, 1942, Japanese bomber and fighter planes conducted a devastating air raid on the town of Darwin, the capital city of Australia's Northern Territory. A total of 243 people—service personnel and civilians—died in the attack, which was the first of a long series of bomb raids that the Japanese launched on Darwin and nearby locations during World War II. The bombing on Darwin was the first attack during the war on Australian soil, and it is sometimes called the "Pearl Harbor of Australia," a reference to the Japanese attack on Hawaii in December 1941.
As a tribute to honor the dead and to remember those who defended Darwin, an annual commemoration is held in Bicentennial Park by the Cenotaph, a marble monument to those slain in World War I. The service begins at 9:30 a.m., and at 9:58, the exact time the attack began in 1942, a World War II air raid siren sounds. During some observances, Australian regiments will re-enact the historic attack. Ground units will shoot their guns, and fighter planes will perform fly-bys over the memorial site.
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While in Darwin Mr McCormack also attended commemoration activities marking the 76th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin on 19 February 1942.
Two months ago, I attended a national commemoration to acknowledge the 75th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin. Our First Australians were among those killed during the bombings that occurred across the Top End during World War II, and the stories of courage and sacrifice like that of the Yunupingu brothers during the bombing of the HMAS Patricia Cam must be remembered and acknowledged.
Chief Minister Adam Giles and the Minister for Arts and Museums Gary Higgins attended the unveiling ceremony, which was part of the Northern Territory Governments $2.25 million Territory Remembers program to mark the 75th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin.