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chiefly Brit a period of the year when the law courts or universities are closed

What does it mean when you dream about vacation?

See Holiday.

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It shall be unlawful in any circumstances to employ a worker during his annual leave more than once in two successive years.
Pursuant to your queries, let me first refer to the relevant provisions regarding annual leave as stipulated in the Employment Law.
Now the annual leave period has also been curtailed which is source of grave concern for us, policemen stated.
He considers that this conclusion is supported by the fact that Article 31 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights grants an unequivocal right to paid annual leave to every worker.
Other reasons cited for not taking annual leave included 'work is too busy' (34%), 'don't feel the need' (21%), 'it's more expensive for me to go on holiday' (8%) and 'I'm worried I'd be overlooked for promotion or pay rise' (8%).
The Working Time Regulations require a worker to take annual leave in the year in respect it is due.
An investigator from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) who is a close personal friend of the General Manager, has shared with the General Manager on an unofficial and confidential basis the very disturbing information that an employee called the corporate hot line with a tip alleging that one of his section supervisors approved four hours of annual leave for five employees approximately twelve months ago, but attendance records show that no leave was charged to any of the employees.
How is the annual leave eligibility calculated from consequent years of service?
The Business Confederation encourages companies to pay their employees the annual leave allowance, also known as K-15, and believes it is better for them to do it in installments if necessary than not do it at all thus disrespecting the law and the workforce.
I would like to ask a question about annual leave in respect to UAE labour law, as we are having a discussion in our company about our claim of annual leave.
There has been a lot of hue and cry over annual leave as per the new Labour Law.

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