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chiefly Brit a period of the year when the law courts or universities are closed

What does it mean when you dream about vacation?

See Holiday.

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Subsequently, it may also be noted that if holidays and leave entitlements on account of sickness and weekend breaks for an employee may not be carried forward if those days happen to fall within the course of annual leave of an employee.
Almoayed said annual leave costs for companies under the previous labour law was around 5.
The CJEU distinguished between the purpose of annual leave and the purpose of sick leave.
Answer: 'On returning to NHS employment, a previous period or periods of NHS service will be counted towards the employee's entitlement to annual leave.
But those who include public holidays within the annual leave entitlement face a simple choice: give staff the day off out of goodwill; close down the business on April 29 but take it out of workers' holiday entitlement; or keep calm and carry on.
But suggestions from the director of public health at Birmingham council that the worker was on annual leave when he fell ill have been rejected by family friend Susan Archer.
If they decide to refuse a request for annual leave, they need to be prepared to justify their decision.
Working Australians receive an average of 20 annual leave days per year while French workers receive 37.
Mrs Kelly said she had wanted annual leave to attend a university course and take her son, who had a tumour, to Birmingham Children's Hospital.
STRATHCLYDE Chief Superintendent John Thomson would like to reassure the inhabitants of Tiree that the matter of full police coverage on the island during periods of annual leave "is under review".
An employee whose employment has ended within the first year of employment is entitled to be paid the proportion of annual leave that has accumulated during the period worked.
MILLIONS of workers will receive a pay rise and extra holidays from today because of an increase in the minimum wage and extra annual leave.

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