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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Anointing is part of many religious rituals, be it the anointing of the whole person or the anointing of an object such as a simple talisman. It is, in effect, a symbolic cleansing, a clearing away of negativity, to make the anointed object spiritually pristine.

When a Witch enters the ritual circle, he or she is anointed by the priest. This is done in various ways, according to the tradition of the coven. It might be done with salted water or with oil. Typically, the priest will touch the oil to the Witch's forehead and draw a small pentagram while giving a blessing. If the coven works naked, or skyclad, then a typical anointing would be to the lips, right breast, left breast, and back to the lips, forming a triangle.

Anointings are also done in the various degrees, with traditions that have degree systems. An example is found in Gardnerian Wicca where a First Degree anointing is in a form similar to the triangle mentioned above: lips, left breast, right breast, lips. The second degree points are an inverted triangle: genitals, breast, breast, genitals. The third degree is in the shape of a pentagram: genitals, right foot, left knee, right knee, left foot, genitals. There are many variations on these points.

Candle magic is popular among Witches and others. A candle that is used in such a ritual should be anointed first. This is usually done with either a specially prepared candle-anointing oil or pure virgin olive oil. The candle is rubbed with the oil from its center outward, toward the ends, first to one end, all around the candle, and all around then to the other end. The anointer concentrates on the purpose for which the candle will be used while doing this.

Anointing an object, such as a talisman, is done as part of a consecration. This is usually done with salted water, after which the object is held in the smoke of burning incense.

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But when family and friends are present for the prayer during the anointing, there is a sense of hope and healing.
This paper will seek to show that Luke's editorial choices in telling the story of the anointing are not intended to sully the image of the anointing woman.
Ayurveda refers to this as Abhyanga, an anointing of the oils as a daily routine.
With this background, it seems very natural that the New Testament witnesses to a churchly rite of healing that is connected with the blessing of oil and the anointing of persons with it, having as its purpose physical and spiritual healing.
Following the final talk tonight - which deals with the commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" - the congregation and the bishops and archdeacons of Coventry and Warwick and cathedral canons, as well as representatives of all Christian denominations, will move into the ruins for the anointing.
In the whole of Mark's passion narrative, a woman's anointing of Jesus is the only gesture of faith.
Connolly early this century of the absence of post-baptismal rites in Syria until the late fourth or, even early fifth century,(1) as Paul Bradshaw has recently noted,(2) caused great problems for the general consensus that there must have been some kind of post-baptismal rite of anointing or `confirmation' throughout the early Christian world from quite early on.
The residents of Dundalk will have the honor of attending one of Brother Tommie's remarkable Anointing Services.
The Anointing For Miracles: How to Partner with God's Supernatural Power
I stood the cross up on its base and repeated Sandy's anointing, this time officially.
The flagship show, America's Got Anointing is a Gospel Platform show that is rapidly growing and reaching out to undiscovered artists around the country.
For example, he argues that Mark 14:1-1 1 is a Markan sandwich of the anointing at Bethany between the plot to kill Jesus and Judas' betrayal.