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Figure 12 shows that the anonymizer expanded the side length of the map from 10 to 40 km while generating cells to satisfy R.
To support multiple similarity coefficients, we utilize a semitrusted anonymizer in our protocol to answer the requests from the requestor.
OpenVNS's Shield Exchange acts more as an anonymizer, blocking your IP address when you access websites and guarding against online threats.
"Anonymizer," a for-profit website that allows anonymous Internet browsing (primarily targeted not at overcoming censorship, but providing privacy to users in non-censoring countries) has entered the arena of anti-jamming technology.
Web-based Proxies/ Anonymizers: Sites that offer free anonymous proxy services, ie,,
Anonymizer Anonymous Surfing prevents Web sites from collecting data from your visits because it creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the Anonymizer network while you surf; then, any page you visit will see Anonymizer's IP address, not yours.
Anonymizer Inc., San Diego, Calif., home of world-class identity protection technology and software solutions, has unveiled the first all-in-one product for protections against malicious code, phishing scams, pharming threats, evil twin attacks, hidden spyware, adware, privacy-invading tracking bugs, dialers, browser hijacking, keyloggers, password crackers, system monitors, remote control programs, and more.
Consumers can also purchase software from ( or Zero Knowledge Systems (, which promises to conceal your online persona or create online pseudonyms when you exchange e-mail or participate in chat rooms.
2, 2001); Anonymizer Privacy Button at (last visited Oct.
A good source is, which offers two versions of its software that lets you turn on anonymity with the click of an on/off button, and one of the versions is free.
* Anonymizer -- Easy to use and works with any browser.